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i think one day leonardo dicaprio should be the host that reads the nominees for best actor and when he opens the envelope to see who won it turns out his name is printed neatly in the center and he chokes up a little and his eyes water and his cohost takes the card and exclaims LEONARDO DICAPRIO!! and the audience cheers and leo cries and his supporting actors and actresses come up and hug him

i dont care if this goes against oscar tradition i just want leo to be happy

I am the mother of a teen girl of 16 who is very invested in Kristen to say the least. Now up until recently I will admit I thought her name was Kaitlan and have never seen a twilight but one thing I do know of this girl is that since my daughter has become a fan she has become so much more comfortable in her own skin. Now as much as I’d like to credit that to my excellent parenting I have to admit that miss Stewart has had a very big part in that. My daughter has always been quite Tom boyish and quiet but when she began high school this became a real problem, she started trying to behave as the other in girls did but I could see she wasn’t happy or comfortable being loud and wearing all the clothing that’s in fashion ( not that there is anything wrong with that) then one day she came out to go shopping not a scrap of make up in sight. Her hair was back to it’s natural curl that had for so long been flattened under the hair straightener. I was shocked she had not left the house without being fully made up for 2 years. After this small things she’d been trying to change slowy came back into play, she would give her real opinion to her friends and not the popular one. Overall it was like a light light bulb had gone off in her head. She was so much happier. I didn’t know what caused these changes but I was so grateful! One day when I went into her room I found her diary on the bed she’d been writing in it nonstop. I opened it to find quotes from Kristen about being yourself, about trusting in your heart, about not judging other girls by their level of femininity and others all about loving yourself because there is so much too love. This girl who I don’t know has brightened my daughters world and made her much more comfortable in her own skin and for that I will always be grateful. Maybe it’s just the mother in me but I just want to hug this girl and tell as Jodie foster wrote “this shall pass” and when it does you will have beautiful young women like my daughter waiting to pick you up on the other side as you are loved.

My mother Lozza’s comment on the Women and Hollywood piece “piling on Kristen stewart”. (via jadedownthedrain)


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